Classification, Function and Application Method of Spring Pin

May 05,2022

A spring pin, also known as an elastic pin and elastic cylindrical pin, is a kind of pin with a hollow middle and elastic transverse opening. The spring pin is usually chamfered at both ends or one end to facilitate installation.


Spring Retaining Ring for Shaft v.s. Retaining Ring for Hole, Know Their Differences

April 18,2022

The retaining ring is installed in the round hole and is used for the axial movement of the fixed parts. The outer diameter of this kind of retaining ring is slightly larger than the diameter of the assembly circular hole. When installing, it is necessary to use circlip pliers, insert the pliers nose into the pliers hole of the retaining ring, and clamp the retaining ring before placing it into the pre-machined inner groove of the round hole. The retaining ring mainly plays the role of axial fixation, in which the conical surface and the retaining ring are fixed with a high degree of centering. Different retaining rings have different installation methods. What is the difference between the elastic retaining ring for the shaft and the retaining ring for the hole?


What are the Common Problems and Solutions of Stainless Steel Nuts?

April 06,2022

Stainless steel nuts are widely used in our daily life, but the common problems and solutions in daily use are not widely known. Today, let's talk about the use and maintenance skills of stainless steel nuts.


Knowledgement About Easter

March 21,2022

In western countries, Easter is the most important Christian festival, which is more important than Christmas. Today, let’s learn more about the Easter.


Causes of Screw Slippage, Fracture and Other Damage

March 08,2022

In our daily life, we sometimes encounter screw slippage and fracture. What is the reason for this phenomenon?


The Difference Between the Shaft Retaining Ring A Type and B Type

February 21,2022

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